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Mojo Basics - Coolmax Compression Ankle Socks -- Medium Support (15-20mmHg)

Unisex Athletic Sport Support anklets with Cool-Max to wick away moisture!

By adding the technology of graduated compression, this sports sock gives you the added benefit of improved circulation while performing any sport or leisure activity.  You will notice you feel better at the end of any activity.  Made with Cool-Max fiber designed to pull moisture away from the skin to be absorbed to the outside of the sock.  It is thicker than a standard nylon/lycra sock (about the same thickness as a standard athletic sock) with additional thickness around the entire foot area, giving a new level of comfort in a support sock.

Ideal for athletics, walking shoes, golf and any casual or sporting activity. 

Size 2x designed for weights over 225 lbs

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5 Stars
Compression Anklets 15-20 mmHg

As low as these were, and as easy to put on, I wasn't sure these would keep my ankles and feet from swelling, but they did! They're a good alternative to crew socks when you don't want the binding at the top to ruin the smoothness of form-fitting leggings.

5 Stars
Mojo low cut socks

These socks are great if you have ankles and feet that swell. Put them on in the morning and it helps with the welling during the day. Great socks!