Mojo Compression Socks Men's Opaque Compression Socks Firm Support (20-30mmHg) White

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Mojo Dress - Men's Opaque Compression Socks -- Firm Support (20-30mmHg) White

Thinner dress socks with reinforced heel and Closed Toe, reciprocated heel pocket and a large toe box for  a comfortable fit. Non-constricting comfort top offers great stay up power. 
Ribbed material ensures these look and feel like "regular" dress socks.



  • Closed Toe
  • Dress Sock Look
  • Reinforced Toe/Heel 
  • Opaque Material 
  • Knee-High
  • Non restrictive top band to prevent slipping and snagging. 
  • Reciprocated Heel pocket and large toe box for comfortable fit
  • Great For Leg Fatigue, Swelling of the ankles and discomfort of varicose veins
Made in the USA

All products are designed and engineered with your comfort in mind.

Delivers physician-prescribed elastic compression therapy guaranteed.

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2 Stars
Mojo men's compression socks

I purchased these because they were inexpensive and compression socks are all I wear anymore. I am very used to what 20-30mmHg feels like. These socks absolutely do not provide the advertised level of compression. The toe seam also developed a small hole after just one wearing. I've had other Mojo compression socks that were better. For these, two stars is generous.

5 Stars
Compression socks

Dressier socks are very good. Their lighter weight make them more comfortable even warm weather. Excellent price point.