Mojo Compression Socks Men's Recovery Graduated Compression Tights

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Mojo Sport - Men's Recovery Compression Tights -- Firm Graduated  Support (20-30mmHg )

Masculine, full length garment, for full body recovery after activity. This unique product features a brief type top, with a built in fly opening, FINALLY, for men!!!
Mojo Full length Recovery Compression Tights improve blood circulation and removal of blood lactates for faster muscle repair. Its graduated compression design helps promote circulation (venous return) for improved oxygenation of muscles and reduces muscle damage and fatigue. The Recovery tights can easily be worn discretely under clothes to recover while at work, home, or school. In addition to daily post activity wear, the Mojo Recovery tights are comfortable enough to sleep in for maximum recovery aid. 

  • Opaque thicker weight material features a firm graduated compression of 20-30mmHg (strongest at the ankle) 
  • Two way stretch design provides extra comfort and makes them easier to get on
  • Built with a men's brief top, with a fly opening
  • Closed Toe
  • 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra 



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5 Stars
Men's Recovery Compression Tights

HOME RUN for Mojo! After the initial shock, a little prodding, my husband couldn't believe how wonderful these tights work. Compression in all the needed places that socks or thigh-highs can't reach. These tights have changed his life for the better. The results outweigh the expense. They are on our renewal list. Top of the list! Well done!

5 Stars
Very manly!!

Since thigh-high's slide down; these heavy duty, snug tights work! After initial resistance, he tried them on, wore them for the day and said for the 1st time he felt relief. Home run, mojo!! Thank you

4 Stars
very good product


5 Stars
Fast free shipping

These fit well, give enough compression to completely satisfy me. Other large medical supply companied did not even have anything available like these. The terribly icky complicated version was 150.00 more for something I am thankful I do not have to wear. Took only 5 days from order to delivery on the economy free delivery service. Thank You Very Much.

5 Stars
came in a very timely manner.

item was delivered in a very timely manner and met all the standards that were expected of this product.

3 Stars
Nice, but way too hot during summer weather

These compression leotards fit very nicely and have plenty of toe room. However, if you wear these in warm or hot weather, or do any work where you might get warm, you will sweat profusely wearing these. Covering up all of your feet and legs on up to your waist just does not allow body heat to be lost as it normally is through your lower extremities. In addition, I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis and have found that compression stockings exacerbate the problem because the heel area is compressed. The most comfortable use of compression stockings for me is a combination of the footless leggings and the Therafirm anklets, both sold on this site. I bought these leotards because I was tired of the thigh high stockings or leggings constantly slipping down the leg to below my knees, which does not provide the recommended "physiological" compression I am supposed to have. So now I am going to try the footless leggings with the anklets and use the adhesive sold on this site to try and keep the stockings from slipping down my legs. Hopefully I will not have the problems with heat retention, stocking slippage and pain in my heels that these leotards caused.

4 Stars
A234 Men's Support Leotard 20-30 Closed Toe

This is a nice product. However, I would prefer it to be no foot. The only Absolute Support leotard or compression leggings product that is available is A717 Graduated Compression Leggings with control top firm (20-30).

5 Stars
Great Product, Great Price, Great Service

See subject

5 Stars
Good fitting support leotard

Thank you for providing a compression leotard that is not too hard to get on and that supports the legs well and it is long enough. Thanks!

5 Stars
Great Product!

Product as expected, true to size. Hard to get on, but well worth the struggle as with all compression stockings...