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Mojo Compression Socks Recovery Graduated Compression Thigh Sleeves Black Green

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Mojo Sport - Recovery Compression Thigh Sleeve -- Firm Support (20-30mmHg)

High Performance - High Quality - Graduated Compression.

Weekend warriors are discovering what professional athletes have known for years -- the benefits of using compression therapy to speed up their recovery after a strenuous workout. By adding the technology of graduated compression, this sports Recovery Thigh Sleeve gives you the added benefit of improved circulation while performing any sport or leisure activity.

20-30mmHg Graduated Compression that is strongest at the ankle and gradually diminishes as it goes up the leg - not just providing a Squeezing effect like most other available compression products. 

The graduated compression helps fight the force of gravity and circulate blood back to the heart and lungs more efficiently. When blood is properly circulated, it provides much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles that have been, or are being, deprived during a workout
MoJo socks provide more oxygen, more energy, an improved metabolization of lactic acid, and faster recovery so you can return to training quicker than ever.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but speed.

Silicone Band keeps Sleeve in place
72% Nylon 28 % Lycra

Sport Compression advantage:

  • Improved Recovery - Therapeutic rated fabric provides greater pressure and recovery benefit leading to faster muscle repair. Ideal for during or after athletic activity, travel, or recovery
  • Improved Circulation - Faster warm up and improved oxygen circulation. Encourages blood to the muscles and flush by-products away.
  • Reduced Fatigue - Reduced muscle vibration (linked to muscle fatigue) improves muscle endurance and strength. Promotes the flushing of lactic acid to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Reduced Damage - Performance Compression Sock muscle containment can reduce soft tissue damage in contact and intense sports. Preventative support and aided recovery.
  • Heightened Proprioception - Heightened body position sense for enhanced stability and agility.

By adding the technology of graduated compression, this sports sock gives you the added benefit of improved circulation while performing any sport or leisure activity.

You will notice your legs feel better at the end of any activity.

UPC: 706795360441



Thigh Leg Sleeve
20-30 mmHg (Firm Support)
Available In Plus Sizes
Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)
Fiber Content:
72% Nylon 28 % Lycra
Band Type:
Silicone Band

15 Reviews

  • 5
    Graduated compression thigh sleeves

    Posted by lilija ibershoff on Oct 7th 2021

    Excellent product. Easy to put on. Stay up well. Got small and medium. Using small now that swelling has gone down.

  • 4
    Comfy but long

    Posted by Becky on Sep 29th 2021

    These are very comfortable and easy to put on, but seem to be made for someone welI over 6 ft tall. À version for us average height people would be great!

  • 5
    Works Great 20/30 Compression

    Posted by JM on May 19th 2021

    Had leg vein surgery which these compression garments met the requirements. I also wear these when I work out. Great product, great price. I own four pairs.

  • 5

    Posted by ginny b. on Oct 3rd 2018

    I have had 2 total knee replacements within the past year. WOO HOO, my new knees have given me another new lease on life. I have an extensive medical history. I am blessed. I also had venous closure on both legs about 10 years ago, a minor "bump in the road" for me medically. Surgeon told me AFTER the surgeries that I would need to wear compression stockings for the rest of my life. Not what I wanted to hear. Wore them occasionally, the ugly white HOSPITAL GRADE that slide down no matter what. Following my knee replacements, my stamina to do anything physical went out the window. I began wearing the hospital grade again as I had purchased others on-line and they did not work for me at all. I did some research and am I ever HAPPY. These MOJO Recovery Sleeves are EXACTLY what I have wanted and needed for a very long time. I LOVE THEM. I am about 5'9" and I ordered the XL. I love the fact that there are no restrictions on my feet although I wear them beginning mid-foot, wrapping up around my ankles. I have recently been very active working on my 98 year old home, now that I again have the ability to do so with my new knees. These MOJO sleeves are AMAZING. They NEVER slide down and reach half-way up my thighs which increases my blood-flow so much better. No more dizziness or light-headedness for me. As a former runner for many years, I really love the look. I am a 68 year old female and I am proud to say that I work for AMAZON in a fulfillment center. My goal is to return to my job in a few weeks and pick up where I left off. MOJO Recovery Sleeves are a true GIFT to me. I am SO GRATEFUL to the designers of this product. Brilliant people to say the least. Fair priced, quick shipping. Ordering 2 more pair today. God Bless you all and thank you so very much.

  • 5
    Compression selves

    Posted by BARRY C SMITH on Sep 27th 2018

    I started using mojo compression selves after surgery to unblock a blood clot in my leg. Well I have tried the medical ones and some other sports brand compression selves but nothing else got me back on my feet like the Mojo compression selves. I'm now exercising every day and no more blood clots. Out of all the products I have used in my life time Mojo company really makes a product that does what it said it will do and more. In addition, they never ever fall down at all Wow!! Look folks! Dont take my word for it try them and you will be a believer just like the rest of us. I will be using them in my marathon training program and maybe they will sponsor me some day who knows either way they will a must in my training program. Well I have talk enough the rest is up to you. This little side note is for the Mojo company or owner. You need to start going around to the hospital because believe me they need your help as in compression selves. Have a huge bless life everyone. The Brown Bear in ohio

  • 5

    Posted by Jeanne on Sep 3rd 2018

    I was a believer after the first time I wore them. Makes a big difference in my recovery after a tough training day.

  • 5
    Stay up all day

    Posted by Dominique on Jun 2nd 2018

    I have to wear a thigh high compression sock on one leg everyday all day long from having had multiple blood clots and these are the only ones I have found that stay up all day even when walking all day and after being washed. Great product.

  • 5
    Compression leggings

    Posted by Michael Kasha on May 31st 2018

    I'm 6'2" wt 170lbs and the large size fit me perfectly. and coincidently they arrived just when I needed therapy for some inflammation of my right thigh. They took away the pain with in 24 hrs that had been nagging me for the previous several days. They are warm to wear, but the therapeutic relief I got was worth it.

  • 5
    thigh high compression sleeve

    Posted by Giggles on Jan 20th 2018

    Awesome! Fast delivery! Very comfortable considering it is a compression stocking. Gives you just the right support.