Mojo Compression Socks Silver Soled Anti-Microbial Compression Socks-White

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Mojo Sport - Silver Soled Compression Socks  -- Firm Support (20-30mmHg)

This model goes on and off easier than most of our other products due to the highly stretchable material used.

X-Static, the silver fiber, is the brand name of silver used in our new Silver Compression Sport Socks. X-Static has a layer of silver permanently bonded to the surface of the fiber. This fiber is then sewn into the lining of our socks. 

Benefits inherent in pure silver:
  • Designed for Sports - Silver kills bacteria and fungi faster as the temperature in your foot rises due to activity.
  • Comfortable and soft textures for both male and female.
  • Boost blood circulation and reduce leg fatigue.
  • All-Natural - Safe, non-toxic, does not contain any chemical product or residues of pesticides.
  • Odor-Resistant - Neutralizes ammonia and denatured proteins, two principle causes of odor.
  • Thermos-Dynamic - Fresh in summer and warm in winter for its thermal conductivity, the reflecting power and the radiating power which favor the passage of humidity.
  • Anti-microbial - Inhibits the growth of bacterial odors and eliminates fungi responsible for the Athlete's foot. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on the material in less than one hour of exposure.
  • Anti-static & Conductivity - With its conductive properties (silver is the most conductive metal), the silver fiber system has many health benefits.
  • Safe and Natural: X-Static is made with pure silver, a naturally occurring element. There are no chemicals or fear of toxicity to the consumer.
  • Permanent: The silver becomes a physical part of the fiber. The performance of the product will not diminish over time.
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Customer Reviews 5 (7 Reviews) Write a review of this product

5 Stars
Mojo Sport Silver Soled sock

Excellent quality. My problem is to get the support I need on my small calves and yet not be too small for my size 10 foot. I bought size Med.

5 Stars
Just right

Of all the compression socks I've tried so far, these silver-soled, anti-microbial ones are the most comfortable. In fact, I'm going to need another pair or two!

5 Stars
a506 Mojo Sport Silver Soled Compression socks

I have been using this product for several years, nothing else compares to the ease of putting the socks on and the longevity of the socks. I will keep purchasing them for as long as they are being offered.

5 Stars
a506 Mojo Sport Silver Soled Compression socks

I have been using these compression socks for several years, I have not found any others that are comparable. If you wash and dry the socks per the instructions they last for quite a while before you feel the compression is not as strong. I would recommend these socks highly to anyone who works on their feet for their comfort, support and longevity.

5 Stars
Compression socks silver coated sole

Fits well and very comfortable. Wish the neck area on top of socks have better gradual transition so as not to leave a indent. Price is a bit high.

5 Stars
silver soled antimicrobial compression socks - white

I have been wearing this style of sock for several years now and find them to be an excellent value in price, durability and function.

5 Stars
Mojo socks

I have been wearing these sock for several years. I find the fit and pressure just right for my application,